Vocational training at RRC

Do you want to participate in our success while accomplishing your vocational training with the leading company in the battery industry?

Then apply to RRC for your vocational training program. Our training content has a very strong practical relevance and is much more than just a "look over the shoulder." By joining the team, you will get the opportunity to learn our business practices and processes. From your first day, you will be integrated into a team of highly qualified professionals which will prepare you to take over your tasks with confidence. You will not only work with us, but also contribute to our success as a company.

Our vocational training programs

  • industrial purchase team,
  • electronic technicians for devices and systems

After successfully completing the training program, we promptly make employment offers to the candidates who proved their value, a direct entry into our teams. Alternatively, those who decide to continue with their studies will also have an opportunity to remain in close touch with the company.


  • Valuable training salary
  • Certificate awards for good performance
  • Additional Christmas bonus salary
  • Good prospects to continue working with RRC after the training is completed
  • Holiday work – possibility to improve your pocket money as a student during the holidays
  • Check day – if you want to look behind the scenes during your application process
  • Girls' day - we show you that occupations in technically oriented companies are no longer just a man's business.

Your contact person:
Isabelle Ruffing
HR Business Partner
+49 6841 9809 100