RRC1120 with many new features

Worldwide availabality & approvals as well as high-performance: These properties of the RRC1120 standard battery have convinced numerous customers from many industries and applications.

In the new generation of this lithium-ion battery, RRC has succeeded in improving the performance of the standard single-cell battery and provided new features. The capacity will increase from 2.00Ah to 2.35Ah and due to a new battery management system the self-discharge of the battery will be reduced. Due to the integration of a shipping mode (low-power state), the storage time is now at least 12 months. Another new feature is the integrated over-temperature protection which prevents the RRC1120 from overheating during charging/discharging.

The new RRC1120 battery will be available starting Q3 2021. And of course, the new version of the RRC1120 has all the necessary worldwide approvals.

 Are you interested in the new RRC1120? Then contact our sales team: sales@rrc-ps.de