Regulatory Update 2022

RRC standard battery packs and standard battery chargers offer various benefits. They do not require NRE or development costs, are readily available and have worldwide approvals. Furthermore, we continuously adjust our products regarding new regulations. In the following you’ll get to know the newest regulatory changes and what measures RRC has taken and implemented to meet these requirements.



Along with Brexit, the UKCA mark was required in January 2021. Until that time, the CE mark can still be used during a transition period which was supposed to finish at the end of 2021 but has been prolonged until the end of 2022.

Starting at the beginning of 2023, only products with the UKCA mark are allowed to be delivered to the UK. For an easier transition the decision was made that devices within a certain product category are also allowed to be delivered to the UK with an additional sticker and supporting material including the UKCA mark. The deadline ends at the end of 2025.

Despite all the deadlines noted above, RRC has issued all the required supporting material and added the UKCA mark to all of our standard battery packs and battery chargers, as well as with our AC/DC power supplies and DC/DC car adapters.


2. EMC guideline 2014/30/EU

On September 16th 2022, the previous EMC standard EN55024 was replaced by the EN55035 as a harmonized standard for the European EMC guideline. New EMC tests were completed and comply to the new standard.


3. EU Guideline 2018/851 & 2018/852

With the Waste Framework Directive 2018/851 and the packaging and waste directive 2018/852, the EU has created a framework for packaging obligations. The implementation will take place at a national level step by step. One of the leading countries within the European Union regarding packaging and waste is Italy, which has implemented even stricter rules than imposed by the European Union, even for B2B products. A corresponding material mark which shows how to dispose the packaging material has to be added on the packaging material due to the EU directive. RRC manuals will be added with an additional page including recycling notes for packaging material.