Product news: RRC-SMB-UBC-DIS

To transport lithium-ion batteries by air freight, RRC smart batteries are delivered with max. 30% SoC and in „ship mode“.

The batteries are woken up from „ship mode“ during the first charging process. But what if the battery has to be shipped again?

In this case the batteries have to be discharged again to 30% SoC for transportation and they need to be placed again in „ship mode“. While this process used to be done manually, it’s now very simple: with the new RRC-SMB-UBC-DIS.

The device has a charging and discharging function and can conditioning an already awakened battery of any SoC to max. 30%. Automatically the conditioner sends after that the respective command to place the battery into „ship mode“.

Here you can find all relevant information of the new RRC-SMB-UBC-DIS. We are also glad to advise you personally.