Important information: These certifications are changing

RRC offers not only the highest quality and performance, but also the most complete and continuous coordinated offering of worldwide certifications and approvals.

Below we have provided an overview of the countries and regulatory authorities in which current changes have taken place and the steps that RRC implemented.



1. UKCA - United Kingdom

The new UKCA standard came into force in the United Kingdom on January 1, 2021. When the new standard was introduced, the CE mark could still be used during a transition phase until the end of 2021, but this transition phase has now been extended by a further year to December 31, 2022. After that only the UKCA standard will apply in the United Kingdom.

Regardless of the extension of the deadline, RRC has already added the new UKCA mark to its standard batteries, the associated chargers and their AC/DC power supplies as well as the DC/DC car adapters. The corresponding declarations of conformity have also been issued.


2. Gost-R - Russia

After the publication on June 19, 2021, new rules will apply to the Russian Gost-R certificates from June 21, 2021. For products that are approved from this deadline, the previous PCT logo will be replaced by a new one.

In addition, either GTIN or GPS / GLONASS coordinates must be provided on newly issued certificates. Products that were approved before the deadline have a transition period until June 20, 2022.

The update of the battery labels with the new Gost-R symbol will be carried out by RRC by the end of 2021.



3. ICES-003 - Canada

So far, the Canadian authorities have recognized the American EMC standard FFC CFR Title 47 Part 15. This changes with the publication of a new version (Issue 7) of the Canadian Interference-Causing Equipment Standard ICES-003. Since October 15, 2021, this standard has been mandatory for a wide range of Information Technology Equipment (ITE), including external power supplies or converters, Wireless power transmission devices, radio communication devices.

RRC has already updated the reports of its standard batteries before they come into force.


4. IEC 62133-2:2017

In July 2021, an amendment to the battery standard IEC 62133-2: 2017 was published (Amd1: 2021-07). With this amendment, only the wording and procedures were specified more precisely, but no fundamental changes were introduced.

The CB reports of the RRC standard batteries are not affected by this update and are still valid.